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Welcome to Ruyters Martial Arts

Proudly located in Damascus Center
9805 Main Street, Suite 206
Damascus, MD 20878

Thank you for visiting Ruyter’s Academy of Martial Arts. We hope you find our interactive site as refreshing as we do. We want to provide an informative site for up and coming students, and an interactive site for our current friends and families. If you’re looking for a school for you or your family, we think you’ve come to the right place.

Catering to all ages and skill levels, we find that each student requires a customized program that fits their individual needs. Since our location is owner run and operated, we know every student and their family and can easily assist them to reach any goals they’ve set. So whether you’re interested in lessons for yourself or someone else, you’ve come to the right place. With all the benefits of training at Ruyter’s Academy of Martial Arts, we would like to share just a few of why our students chose our location.

  1. Fitness. Our classses incorporate exercises and drills that improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance, help build muscle strength and improve muscle flexibility so they are perfect for anyone wanting to improve their overall fitness. Cardiovascular fitness improvements require us to regularly elevate our heart rate for extended periods and our training can help us do that. Improving the strength, size and shape of our muscles requires us to regularly subject them to some form of resistance training. Classes help provide this training by requiring us to perform exercises like push-ups and squats using our own body weight for resistance. Improved flexibility is a natural byproduct of our training because we incorporate stretching exercises in our workouts.
  2. Self-defense. One of the most obvious benefits of doing a martial art is that it provides us with the fitness, strength, skill and techniques necessary to protect ourselves from being attacked by others who are out to harm us if the need should ever arise. Like an insurance policy, we hope you’re never in a position to have to use your martial arts training to defend yourself, but it’s great to know this ability is there just in case. Because they are primarily concerned with elevating our heart rates to burn energy and improve our fitness, many of the workouts listed above like Tae Bo, Boxercise, etc don’t really provide this benefit to the same extent as doing martial arts training with a dedicated teacher in a martial arts school that only provides one service – to teach you a specific martial art. Many people mistakenly believe that because they punch a focus mitt 50 times during a session with their personal trainer that they know how to punch properly and can therefore defend themselves if they need to. This is a big mistake and we hope these people never find themselves in a situation where this belief is tested. Unless they’ve had many years of martial arts training themselves, most personal trainers and gym instructors will not be able to offer advice about your punching and kicking technique, they are only really qualified to hold the focus mitts or kick-pad for you while you punch or kick them. Remember, while probably great at what they do, these trainers are more like aerobics instructors than specifically qualified martial arts instructors.
  3. Self-confidence. In addition to providing us with the ability to defend ourselves, one of the greatest personal benefits that martial art training provides is a high degree of self-confidence. This self-confidence partly results from the knowledge that we are much better equipped to defend ourselves given that we have done some martial arts experience, but it also comes from a sense of achievement once we begin to master the techniques taught to us and the new confidence that results from feeling fitter and stronger and looking fitter and stronger. Given that one of the first things to suffer, and one of the hardest things to reestablish afterwards, when we become overweight is our self-confidence this benefit is of particular value to those of us who have a weight problem.
  4. Improve body balance and coordination. As well as helping us to become fitter and stronger, our training involves the mastery of a range of techniques that requires us to be well-balanced and have superior body coordination. In learning to master these techniques we naturally improve our balance and our coordination which helps us with other aspects of our daily life.
  5. Variety in training. Our classes have great variety built into them by including warm-ups and cool-downs, stretching exercises, strength building exercises, cardio exercises and exercises designed to improve and teach us a wide variety of techniques. This variety is great for our mind as well as our body.
  6. Discipline and motivation. Everybody knows that studying a martial art requires and teaches discipline. Because it is also goal orientated, training in martial arts also provides a great deal of motivation. Lack of discipline and motivation are the most often quoted reasons for weight loss failures and for this reason, doing a martial art for weight loss and fitness may help many of us who lack the required discipline and motivation to achieve our weight loss goals to overcome these common barriers to success.
  7. Spirituality. One definition of spirituality is “Activities which renew, lift up, comfort, heal and inspire both ourselves and those with whom we interact.”  Martial art training has been practiced by millions of people over many centuries because among other things, it has a great ability to spiritually uplift us. As well as forging a better connection between our mind and body, it also has the ability to forge a better connection between us and our world and us and others.
  8. Social aspect. Many people who start classes for weight loss, improved fitness or self-defense end up enjoying it most for its social aspects. As well as training and learning with others with similar goals, our students help encourage and motivate each other and end up becoming very good friends.

Our instructors have very friendly dispositions and foster a fun and friendly environment in which to train which endears them to their students who typically also become close friends.

Lastly, all of our classes are divided by age and skill level. Our younger children are separated from the older kids and adults have their own classes as well. We believe that in order to properly motivate and teach students of different age and skill levels, our classes must be divided accordingly. However, we also believe that it is healthy for students of all levels to periodically train together. We have seminars and special events that bring all the levels together giving them the opportunity to learn and motivate each other.

This completes the circle of martial arts education and opens up a new aspect of mastering skills. We also believe that in order to progress, students must get top-flight instruction. To make that happen, we have several professional instructors at our school all trained under Master Ed Ruyter.

This ensures that we have a very low student/teacher ratio in all of our classes and each instructor is teaching the same thing. At Ruyter's Academy Of Martial Arts, we believe in an environment where discipline and tradition are in balance with family and fun. We are always evolving to pique our student’s interest with fun and exciting drills and national tournament competitions to stay motivated all the time. And while our curriculum is from a very traditional form of martial arts, we’ve also included several scholastic and character goals to promote discipline in all areas of our lives.

While training at our school, students are continually rewarded for their accomplishment in the form of a new belt each time they progress to a new level. Again, welcome to our site and please feel free to look around. If you have any question or would like to schedule a tour of the school, you may contact us at any time.

Thank you.

Ed W. Ruyter, Jr.
Founder / Master Instructor