About Us

Thank you for visiting the Ruyter’s Academy of Martial Arts website. Our goal is to provide an informative site for new and old students filled with daily and weekly updates about our school. Whether you’re interested in lessons for yourself or someone else, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

With all the choices of schools in the area, you may wonder what makes Ruyter’s Academy of Martial Arts so unique. Or, what makes our school so different? There are several reasons why, but here are a few:

First, all of our classes are divided by age and skill level. Our younger children are separated from the older kids and adults have their own classes as well. We believe that in order to properly motivate and teach students of different age and skill levels, our classes must be divided accordingly. However, we also believe that it is healthy for students of all levels to periodically train together.

We have seminars and special events that bring all the levels together giving them the opportunity to learn and motivate each other. This completes the circle of martial arts education and opens up a new aspect of mastering skills. Next, we believe that in order to progress, students must get top-flight instruction. To make that happen, we have several professional instructors at our school all trained under Master Ed Ruyter. This ensures that we have a very low student/teacher ratio in all of our classes and each instructor is teaching the same thing.

At Ruyter's Academy Of Martial Arts, we believe in an environment where discipline and tradition are in balance with family and fun. We are always evolving to pique our student’s interest with fun and exciting drills and national tournament competitions to stay motivated all the time. And while our curriculum is from a very traditional form of martial arts, we’ve also included several scholastic and character goals to promote discipline in all areas of our lives. While training at our school, students are continually rewarded for their accomplishment in the form of a new belt each time they progress to a new level.

Again, welcome to our site and please feel free to look around. If you have any question or would like to schedule a tour of the school, you may contact us at any time. Thank you. Ed W. Ruyter, Jr. Founder / Master Instructor