Children's Program

Classes for children ages 7-13 yrs old.

In these 50 minute classes, students will be able to benefit from the mental and physical aspects of our program. Mentally: Students will learn the importance of self-control and respect. With their increased concentration, you will notice how the children’s program can improve your child’s ability to focus on daily tasks like school and homework. Physically: Student’s will develop practical self-defense skills to help protect them in any situation, boosting their self-esteem and self confidence.

Our Children's program feature:

  • All Classes divided by age and belt rank
  • Top Flight Instruction (maximum 8-1 student/teacher ratio)
  • Clean and sanitary learning on Olympic style padded floors
  • Opportunity to participate in school events/activities
  • Private extra help sessions if necessary
  • Flexible schedule (classes are offered 6 days per week for your convenience)
  • Two group classes each week, plus any makeup classes