Your Journey Begins

Before anyone enrolls at our school, we recommend scheduling a FREE 30 minute private lesson to get everyone started.  During this introductory lesson, parents are encouraged to observe the class and decide whether this is the type of environment they’d like to see their child(children) in.  Interested adults will learn the basics of the class and terminology so the transition to the group class goes smoothly.  Students with previous martial arts experience will be able to see if this is the school they’d like to continue  their training.

Please take the time and fill out this pre-registration form.  The no-obligation form will help us get to know you and the goals you have in mind while training at our school.  Once we have your information, you can let us know the best time for us to call and schedule your free introductory lesson and tour of our facility.  Thanks for choosing Ruyter’s Academy of Martial Arts and we look forward to meeting you.